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Here at Heroes of Valhalla Firearms we provide quality service for all your weapons needs. We do everything from repairs, cleaning, custom work, and custom rifle builds for those that are looking to personalize their own weapon of choice. If you are building your own rifle/pistol and run into an issue that you just don't have the tools for, we are here to help. Feel free to call us with questions and we will gladly help you along the way in getting your weapon up and running smoothly.

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Our Services

To purchase our services, please use the service tab located in the header bar or click here to order now.

Cerakote Application

Cerakote is a durable finish for firearms. We offer a full line of Cerakote services: Cerakote application with air drying for high heat parts, such as barrels, bake on Cerakote application for impact parts such as rails, mounts, and exterior parts not exposed to heavy heat, and also Cerakote Elite for friction parts such as the bolt and actions in modern rifles, pistols, and shotguns. Please give us a call to discuss your wants and needs for this service, or use our service request tab.


Want a custom look to your favorite firearm? We offer hydrographic coating on firearms, stocks, and other items. Contact us for your custom quote using our service tab. Click here to see some of our work!

General Repairs

Can't figure out why your rifle/pistol is malfunctioning? Bring it to us and let us do a diagnostic exam and figure out the best and most inexpensive solution to the problem. Repairs are $45/hour plus the cost of parts, if needed. Most repairs can be completed in one hour.

Custom Builds

We do offer custom builds. Under our current FFL the customer must buy the receiver and either bring it in to us or ship it. You can provide a list of parts that you want or ship them as well. The finalized product can be returned to you doorstep. Refer to shipment of weapons tab. CLICK HERE TO SEE CUSTOMER PHOTOS.

Sight Installation

Everyone wants their sights to be the most precise addition on their rifle/pistol. Bring it to us and we will get it done right.


This process includes barrel lapping, receiver truing and lapping, bolt lapping, glass bedding, all fasteners set to torque spec, scope mounted properly, and boresighted at 25 yards.

Full Detail Cleaning

A full breakdown of each and every part, inspected for wear and cleaned by hand and in our ultrasonic cleaner.

We do offer installing trigger kits and smoothing the trigger pull on weapons. However, for liability reasons, I will not reduce a trigger pull down to an unsafe setting.

Gun Restoration

This is my favorite service to offer. Do you have a gun from your youth that has just been sitting and collecting dust? Maybe you have a gun you like to bring back into action or to pass on to a loved one. Let me restore it to the weapon you remember.

Firearms Storage

As a service to the family members visiting Fort Benning, we offer secure firearms storage on site so that you don't have to leave home without it. 

Marksmanship Instruction

Need a qualified instructor to help you on safety and your technique? We now offer group and individual instruction on a wide variety of platforms. Contact us today about pricing.

Gilbert Welding & Design

We are pleased to introduce you to the newest addition to the HV Firearms extended family, Gilbert Welding & Designs. Owned by Jerry Gilbert, he offers excellent quality, custom metal work. Check out his tab at the top or CLICK HERE TO BE DIRECTED TO HIS WORK

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